Preventing child drowning: Advice from a pediatric intensive care unit doctor

Read about one family’s tragic experience with drowning and get tips to prevent children from drowning during the swimming season.

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How to support breastfeeding parents: Being a link in a chain

This year’s Word Breastfeeding Week centers around the shared responsibility for breastfeeding. Learn ways to support a breastfeeding parent.

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Undergoing thyroid cancer surgery: Molly’s story

After undergoing two thyroid removal surgeries, Molly receives ongoing care at CHOC and is thriving in life.

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How to stop bloody noses in kids

Though messy and sometimes scary, most bleeding noses will stop on their own and can be treated at home, here’s how.

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Should my child attend a funeral?

A CHOC licensed marriage and family therapist offers some tips for parents to support children before, during & after a funeral.

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What summertime activities are safe for children too young for the COVID-19 vaccine?

A pediatric infectious disease expert helps parents choose which activities are safe for kids still too young to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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