Strategies to improve kids’ sleep

Dr. Priya Mody, a CHOC pediatrician, offers advice for parents on how to get a child back on track and improve their sleep.

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Teenage acne prevention and treatment: An ultimate guide

Dr. Carlos Martinez, CHOC pediatrician, offers an ultimate guide to helping parents and teens treat and prevent acne.

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COVID-19 vaccine offers life-saving hope to high-risk teen

For Logan, who has complex congenital heart disease, vaccine eligibility ensured safety from a life-threatening virus.

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Homemade or store-bought baby food: Which should parents choose?

A CHOC clinical dietician explains the differences between homemade and store-bought baby food, and how to properly prepare and store it.

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How to heal a baby’s diaper rash

Dr. Leila Iravani, a pediatrician in the CHOC Primary Care Network, recommends these four steps to help resolve diaper rash.

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COVID-19 psychosis and kids: What parents should know

What is COVID-19 psychosis and should parents worry? Here, a pediatric psychiatrist dispels myths and reassures parents.

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