Fiber-Rich Foods of Fall

A CHOC clinical dietician explains how fiber can benefit children’s health and how to take advantage of seasonal, high-fiber fall foods.

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Preventing overdose with over-the-counter medications: What parents need to know

A CHOC psychologist warns parents against the potential for children and teens to overdose on medications found in the home.

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Babies and sleep: The ultimate guide

Tuck into the details about sleep and babies, including how much they should sleep, their sleep and alert cycles, signs of trouble and more.

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Causes, symptoms and treatment of ringworm

Could your child or teen have a ringworm rash? Learn the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of ringworm in children.

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Neurofibromatosis type 1 patient benefits from multidisciplinary expertise of care team

After irregular freckles lead to 4-year-old Jax’s NF1 diagnosis, more than a dozen CHOC specialists teamed up to treat her.

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Unwavering joy during a life-threatening fight: Parker’s story

Parker’s cancer journey had its fair share of challenges, but because of the relationships built at CHOC, there were joyful memories too.

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